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Blue Seal Llama-Alpaca Pellets

Blue Seal

Product Description

Blue Seal Llama-Alpaca Pellets are formulated for llamas and alpacas in all life stages, including reproduction, growth, work and maintenance.

Features & Benefits

High In Alfalfa

Provides a palatable fiber source.

Very Palatable

Maintains consistent feed intake.

Short Pellet Length 

The pellets are cut short in length (1/4” to 3/8”) to minimize the risk of choking.

Added Vitamin E and Selenium

Aid in preventing white muscle disease.

Fixed Components

Llama-Alpaca Pellets are a consistent formula using only the highest-quality ingredients to prevent sudden changes in the diet and to maintain digestive health and function.

Chelated Trace Minerals

More bioavailable for greater absorption and utilization of zinc, copper and manganese to meet the increased needs for bone, muscle and tissue strength during growth and performance. In addition, overall reproductive performance and efficiency is supported in breeding llamas and alpacas.

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