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Allied Seed Clover Medium Red Coated 50 lb

Allied Seed

Trifolium pretense L., Red Clover, is an introduced biennial or short-lived perennial that grows as one of two types: medium (double-cut) or mammoth (single-cut). Red Clover plants grow from crowns. Plants have hollow, hairy stems and branches. Stem lengths of medium and mammoth types average 18 inches and 24 to 30 inches, respectively. Medium types have about 4 branches per stem; mammoth have 6. Each leaf consists of a slender stalk bearing 3 leaflets. The taproot of Red Clover is extensively branched. Flowers are borne in compact clusters or heads and are usually rose-pink in color. Seed pods are small, short, and contain kidney-shaped seeds that vary in color from yellow to deep violet. There are approximately 272,000 seeds/pound. Mammoth Red Clover matures later than medium types; only one crop of Mammoth Red Clover is harvested each season since recovery is slow.

Red Clover is primarily used for hay, silage, and soil improvement. It is a quick growing crop, easily established, and produces high quality forage. Tolerance of shade allows Red Clover to be used effectively as a cover crop under silage corn. Newer varieties of medium Red Clover can be productive for 3 years or more under proper management.

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