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Evolved Habitats® Buck Jam Deer Mineral Lick/Attractant


Buck Jam is a gooey gel-like mineral lick that is jam full of sweet fruit flavor and minerals. Deer are attracted instantly to the Buck Jam site, where they will begin licking and enjoying the minerals at once. The intense aromas attract and are reinforced by a flavor that keeps deer coming back... time and time again! Available in Wild Persimmon, Sweet Corn, Ripe Apple and Honey Acorn Flavors.

  • Pour directly on the ground...some of the minerals will begin slowly soaking into the soil to continue to attract deer back over a longer period of time.
  • Pour over decaying stumps, logs or other decaying matter...
  • Once saturated with the minerals and flavors, the decaying wood becomes a target of deer and other wildlife seeking sweet minerals in the woods.
  • Mix with grains or pour over feeds...many times quality feeds go untouched by wildlife because they are unusual to the deer in the area. You can enhance your feed and jump start usage by introducing a flavor that they cannot resist. You can also allow the Buck Jam to dry onto grain before putting it out and then broadcast the grain over a 20’ x 20’ area to make them take their time eating it. (Use 1 qt per 25 lbs of grain.)



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