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High Noon Billy The Kid Perfect Start Goat


Billy the Kid is formulated for the perfect start of your baby goats. This goat starter is made in a 1/8” pellet to encourage early consumption without sorting. Billy the Kid is nutritionally fortified to stimulate the genetic potential in your baby goats starting at about 7 days of age up to about 50 lbs. of body weight. Billy the Kid is a great blend of proven ingredients with the perfect blend of proteins, fats and fibers to elevate growth, muscle shape and early rumen development in a very palatable nutritious formula. Billy the Kid has the right ingredients to promote great touch and bloom for early shows and sales. Billy
the Kid contains 1.2% Ammonium Chloride to boost urinary tract health and also 22.7g/ton of Decoquinate to help control coccidiosis. Always provide clean fresh water for better nutrient absorption and overall health of your goats so they can reach their full potential. Feed Billy the Kid continuously up to 50# of body weight for best results. Make sure you get your baby goats started with Billy the Kid today and follow up with SunDance
Grower/Developer to attain the full success of High Noon Feeds Show Goat Program.


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