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High Noon Cactus Jacks Textured Goat Kid Starter


Cactus Jacks Textured Goat Kid Creep Feed was formulated specifically for baby goats to bring them to the creep at the earliest possible time. Cactus Jacks is a textured creep feed
that has the flavor, smell, and palatability to maximize early feeding and nutrient intake. Cactus Jacks has 1.2% Ammonium Chloride added to boost urinary tract health, contains 20.0 g/ton Monensin to improve coccidiosis control, Zinpro AVAILA-4 for the most bioavailable organic micro nutrients, promotes overall healthier animals, muscle development and boost stamina to shine under stress, special blend of gut health products
proven to reduce the incidence of bloat and Opti-Ferm XL Live Yeast for a healthy digestive tract, optimum nutrient intake and promotes a healthy immune system. Feed continuously up to 50# of body weight and can be used to put on extra condition in your show feed ration. Provide clean fresh water for better nutrient absorption, weight gain and overall health…


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